Praxis für Gefäßkrankheiten
Praxis für Gefäßkrankheiten
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Biological materials as vascular substitutes

Biological materials as vascular substitutes

Nowadays biological materials are often the only solution to replace vascular tissue or entire vessels successfully over a long term period. Not only are these materials extraordinarily infect-resistant, but they are also superior to artificial materials in multiple aspects. Our experience with operative materials over many years guarantees you a high success rate. Worldwide only a few centres work exclusively in this field.

Treatment of Varicose Veins

Common varicose veins (varices) can lead to ulcer formation and surface thrombosis. To avoid these dangerous illnesses vascular medicine has developed methods of treatment that can be adapted to your specific personal situation and circumstances. Furthermore, we are your contact, if you experience re-occurring varices.


The lymph system is the third and least well known vascular system, next to arteries and veins. For a healthy circulation the lymph system is of extreme importance. Diseases or malfunctioning of the lymph system can have tremendous effects on your wellbeing; however, they are very often underestimated or not recognised at all. The Lymphologikum is a close and in depth co-operation between our vascular practice and a team of associated lymphatic therapists.

Quality Management Scheme/ Scientific Guidelines and Prinicples

As of 1996 our practice has taken part in the quality management scheme of carotid surgery for stroke treatment. The results of this scheme are published annually. We have the ambition to maintain these high standards in all our methods of examination and treatment and therefore we have aligned these closely to the guidelines of the corresponding scientific societies.

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